Bike Shops in Berlin

It took me a little while to find some really interesting shops in Berlin and I keep running across odd little ones by accident. Since I couldn’t find a good online (English) list of shops in the city, I thought I’d post what I’ve come across so far. The list is NOT comprehensive and tends to focus on Kreuzberg and surrounding areas. Also, if you just need a good, general new bike shop, they’re everywhere so I won’t bother to comment. But these are some of the more interesting, focused shops I’ve run in to. I will continue to update the list as I make discoveries.

As with many cities in the US, Berlin has at least one Do-It-Yourself shop stocked with tools and parts that you can use for an hourly fee. Mechanics are on hand to assist, but it was pretty much German only the day I was there.

Regenbogenfabrik (“Rainbow Factory”) is part of a complex of DIY and community resource centers including a hostel, children’s ceramics workshop, woodshop, music practice rooms, movie theater, and cafe.

Address and info:
Lausitzer Str. 22, 10999 Berlin


Cicli BerlinettaCicli Berlinetta seems to be the king of the shops that focus on classic racing bikes from the 70’s – 90’s. Steel frame racers are all the rage in Berlin and shop owners are ranging across Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and points east looking for classic examples. Bikes are not cheap. But fair prices considering the examples they have which range across the years, styles, and rarity. The shop is owned by a Canadian and the staff seems pretty international and friendly.

Address and info:
Fehrbelliner Str. 5, 10119 Berlin

Stahl WolleStahl Wolle
A nice little one man operation with a fair collection of classic racers. Friendly, knowledgable guy. He says that he keeps a pretty wide price range in the warmer months but lets his stock trim down to the nicer stuff over the winter. Also makes his own shirts.

Address and info:
Warschauer Str. 45, 10243 Berlin
Phone: 030-29351084



This shop has another big collection of classic race bikes from 60’s through the 80’s. But their real focus is on vintage bikes. They have gorgeous examples going back as far as the 1920’s with lots of WWII vintage rides. Beyond full bikes they also have bins full of vintage components and accessories like bells, generators, chain guards, etc. This place is as much a museum as a shop and worth visiting even if you can’t afford one of their nicer pieces.

Address and info:
Oderberger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin




This is an odd little shop tucked in a basement space. The owner likes bringing back older and vintage bikes that need work, but he does not seem to be concerned with restoring them to original condition. He had a few examples of single speed conversions and other one-off creations. He says he also will put together custom build to a customer’s specs if they want something set up in a unique way. He also had a good collection of decent, standard transportation bikes at very fair prices. Definitely a good place to look for a cheap, dependable bike for riding around on, especially if you want something with a little character.

Update July, 2013: They now also appear to rent bikes and kayaks.

Address and info:
Bürkner Str. 29/30, 10247 Berlin

bikerentpointBike Rent Point

Just one block over from Velothek is another shop that specializes in classic, used transport bikes. They have a large selection of rentals as well and a busy repair service that seems to operate directly on the street (at least on sunny, summer days.) May be a good place to stop for a quick adjustment.

Address and info:
Bürkner Str. 22/23, 10247 Berlin


Keirin CultureKeirin Cycle Culture Café
This is the heart of the fixed gear scene in Berlin. It sounds like the fixed scene has been fading a bit since police started cracking down on brakeless bikes. But fixie riders and messengers seem to be going strong here at least.

Address and info:
Oberbaum Str. 5, 10997 Berlin


Pedal PowerPedal Power
A good number of shops have three wheeler style cargo bike that a lot of people use for hauling kids around. Pedal Power is the only shop I’ve found that really focuses on two wheel, long wheelbase cargo bikes. They make their own line of Long John style bikes and have a few other styles around. They also have a huge selection of tandems in various styles.

Address and info:
Pfarr Str. 115 ,10317 Berlin

This aptly named shop specializes in Dutch bicycles. Most are of the classic styles but they had a number of cargo style bikes including the beautiful example of a long tail shown in the picture.

Address and info:
Skalitzer Str. 95, 10997 Berlin


Finally a couple places that were good places if you are just looking for basic cheap transportation.

Glücksvelo – Small shop with fair selection of decent used bikes.
Pannier Str. 53a, 12047 Berlin

BikePark – Big selection of used bikes from cheap to mid range. Double check the bikes though, a few on the floor had some minor, but obvious problems that should have been fixed.
Frankfurter Alle 35 – 37 , 10247 Berlin

Devil’s Child – Road/track bikes and frames. Clothing, messenger bags, etc.
Kreuzberg Str. 31, 10965 Berlin

I’m sure there are lots of other great shops out there and I’ll update this post as I come across anything worth a mention. If anyone out there has suggestions, please post a comment as well.

Here’s another shop that looks interesting in the Neukölln neighborhood. I haven’t been able to actually go in or talk to anyone yet, but from the storefront and website, they specialize in building one-off custom creations from older bikes. I’ll assume they are not a source for good cheap transportation. But from the photos it looks like they do some really nice restoration/customization work. (Though I’m not sure what the obsession with swept back seat posts is all about.) Check them out if you’re looking for something unique and stylish.
True Unique
Pflügerstraße 18 Reuterstrasse 39, 12047 Berlin

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